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Welcome to Dark Glory's home page!

This is a DDO (Dungeons and Dragons Online) guild. We are based on the server Sarlona. This guild is neither about being "elite" or being a "newb" it is about playing the game and learning more and more. The leader of the guild is Sebaster. If you believe you would like to join Dark Glory and play on Sarlona then send mail to Sebaster about joining. As Dark Glory grows so will the player quality. Questions are always welcomed and will be answered to the best of every ones knowledge. There will also be a question and answer section in the forums along with a thread on character builds for you people who need help with finding the build for you. On top of that I will create builds using the character planner and post them on the site if you just want a how to guide on certain builds. **THIS SITE IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION**
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-Hematoma-, Mar 9, 11 7:58 PM.
I think it will be useful to use the guild bank that GuildPortal has. I would like to set up a guild bank toon who has max bank tabs and max bag slots and a good haggle. This toon will hold any guild items and money that is donated for other guildies. If you would like to use your toon please email me at If you do become the guild banker i will go over what is to be done and when we have it in place i will post a guide on how it works
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We are currently recruiting any and all classes. Of course for end game enchanted spec casters high DPS toons and of course healers will be needed but for now "We Want You" *Points finger like uncle Sam*
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